In past, various powerful numerical methods in scientific computing field has been invented. Nowadays, many interesting challenges have been proposed in the big-data era, including high dimensional data analysis, large-scale computing and optimization.

I am a mathematician who wants to contribute to connecting the bridge between them and shedding light on both sides.

About me

I am a second year phd student at the Emory university, working with Yuanzhe Xi. My interest focuses on applying scientific computing techniques to solve problems in data science and deep learning. My collaborators include Huan He, Professor Edmond Chow at Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor Yoursef Saad at University of Minnesota. Previously, I was a MPhil student at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) (2018-2020) and a undergraduate student at Wuhan University (WHU) (2014-2018).

Shifan Zhao

  • (2020- ) Math Ph.D, Emory
  • (2018-20) Math MPhil, HKUST
  • (2014-18) Math Undergraduate, WHU


12 July, 2022

I will present a poster at SIAM annual meeting. Welcome to attend!

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